Where has my Facebook business page gone?

Do you have a Business Page for Facebook? Wondering where on earth your pages news feed has gone? Looks like Facebook have made some changes without too much notification to it’s users.

To access your business pages news feed, look directly under your avatar and there is a box called View Pages Feed. Click on that and it will take you to that pages news feed. (As displayed below.)

It seems Facebook want you to sign up to business manager. It allows you to manage multiple pages with one account. Which you could and can still continue to do with out business manager. I’ve found it to be completely disastrous. Its clunky and not all that user friendly. Maybe it will get better…..

What they don’t tell you is once you have signed up, you are not able to take your business page back. (you can but you have to dig through endless forums to find out how) So beware. Read ALL the fine print before signing up.


Of course there needs to be more Design thinking in marketing

I subscribe to many different industry related magazines and websites. Marketing Magazine is up there with one of my favourites.  After reading a recent article titled Why we need design thinking by Marketing Magazine it got me thinking.

I come from a creative background prior to entering the world of marketing. Does this give me an edge? Or perhaps a better understanding on what’s need for a campaign or start up because of the amount of design needed. Perhaps both but more importantly the process taken in design, in my opinion, is the biggest factor.

Either way I agree with this statement from RMIT University’s Professor of Design, Gerda Gemser

“There are lots of interpretations, but to my mind it’s a set of practices that helps companies see problems from a new perspective and solve them in an atypical way.”

Personally I find I am able to offer many more solutions to my clients than just straight out design for a particular project. I feel as though it gives me a competitive edge over similar marketers that don’t have the design process of thinking and problem solving.

Take care all and have a lovely weekend.



Wandering Warriors store is now online!

After much planning and a few set backs, the Wandering Warriors store is now online! My side involved designing all the merchandise, photographing and editing the images for the store as well as populating the store, testing and launching…phew what a mouthful!

I’ll save the celebration for tomorrow night as I still have the social media promotion and mail chimp campaign to send.

I’ve been with the Wandering Warriors since conception. I have provided all graphic design, e-newsletters, social media support, web site support and the on line store! All services have been 100% donated. The guys at Wandering Warriors are a great bunch and they are a fantastic charity supporting our returned service men and woman as well as their families. Read more…