Fiji unplugged

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Fiji unplugged

Hubby and I had the opportunity of a lifetime. A trip to Fiji for my cousin’s wedding…child free! Yes, that’s right! CHILD FREE! So what you might say. Well anyone with kids knows how rare it is to get time to yourself or time with your partner alone. I think I could count on my hand the number of times we’ve been able to catch a movie or go out for dinner together. I have never been for longer than a few hours away from the boys so 9 days was going to be a challenge. Mainly for the grandparents!

The last time hubby and I were able to get away overseas together was 5 years ago! It was a well overdue holiday. Before we left, we both made the decision to go unplugged. See as a freelancer, you never really take time off. That mac book pro is attached to me. I’m always running a Facebook competition or managing social media, events or building websites. There’s always plenty to do and while I’m working it I’m never fully on holiday or paying attention to where I am and the family. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Signwriting Fiji style

I’m always checking out the local design and of course signwriting. While at Lautoka we spotted this guy signwriting a boat. I couldn’t help but notice how small his brush was. I wish I had my kit! I could have helped him out. He was happy signwriting and was excited to know I do the same job in Australia.

 Let the Shenanigans begin

Hubby and I explored Nadi and Lautoka on our own for a few days before catching up with all the bridal party and guests on the Coral Coast. It was fantastic to see the family come together in another country. Especially for a wedding. Some of the guests we’d never met, others we hadn’t seen for many years. It didn’t matter, we were all there to celebrate. Full disclosure there was some drinking involved. Games consisted of a mixed rugby match, pool wrestling, bonfires, kayaking, joining parties and of course making friends with fellow resort guests and staff.
We all did a day trip to Suva and caught this funky bus! No windows and the music cranked up. Seriously if public transport was this much fun in Brisbane, I’d be on it all the time! We checked out the museum, ate at local stores and checked out handy craft. Neither hubby or I took anything with us other than our phones to snap a few moments. No answering emails, messages or calls. It was very liberating.

The Wedding

The wedding day was amazing. I was part of the bridal party. We had the most fantastic day. The entire package, getting ready, hair, makeup, dancing and enjoying the company of some amazing women. The location for the ceremony was stunning and the reception one of the best I’ve ever attended. I’d love to share more details and images however the entire wedding was unplugged. It was the best decision ever! We enjoyed every moment right there and then. Not behind a screen. There were professional photographers and we are all hanging to see the pictures and video. No doubt it will be outstanding.

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