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Most of you know of my association with the Wandering Warriors. I had the pleasure of redesigning their website last month…then it crashed, and I had to redesign it all over again! Why? Well, it was one of those crappy cyberspace issues with DNS (Domain Name System) settings and two rival hosting companies. To cut a long story short, there was no workaround or back up on their new host, so it had to be rebuilt. The timing couldn’t be worse for both of us! The Wandering Warriors are moving forward at a head-spinning rate. They have many upcoming events and programs, and their website is the hub for it all.

I’m quickly running out of time to meet all my deadlines before I head overseas in a few weeks. So why did I drop everything to help the Wandering Warriors? Because I had to. Their charity and the people working behind the scenes work so hard and have achieved so much; I didn’t want to let the team down. Although the site is not finished, it is functional and contains all the elements they require to get by.

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