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If you have had your website built and managed by an agency or contractor, chances are your website will be up to date. For the rest of you that have built your own site or have taken over your site, this article is for you. It’s great to be online. I love it! However, there are still guidelines and legal obligations we need to meet. I’m talking about privacy policies, terms and conditions and terms of use.  You know that fine print usually found in the footer of the website. Think of it as insurance. You may never need it, but when you do, you’re glad you have it.

I’m not about to start sprouting legal advice but I can point you in the right direction if you want to know more. The three basic disclaimers you will need on your site are:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Disclaimer
  • Terms & Conditions

Some of the disclaimers you may not need due to the size and nature of your business, however, I always feel its best to start right rather than play catch up later. I use an online company to provide my templates for each. I brand the documents and upload to the website. Easy as.

Full disclosure, I have an affiliate with Legal123. I use them for all the websites I create.


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