What are Chatbots?

What are Chatbots?One of the latest advances for digital marketing is the emergence of chatbots. Basically a chatbots is a customised AI program that interacts with clients in a chat interface. One of the first companies to embrace the new technology in Australia is Dominos Pizza.


Any of you that order domino’s pizza online will now be familiar with DRU Assist (Domino’s Robotic Unit). The aim to introduce this technology is to allow the customer to order without needing assistance from a Domino’s employee. This allows Domino’s to focus their staffs’ skill set into making the pizzas. Like all technology there are always kinks, however its developer, Nuance Communications, continues to work with Domino’s to ensure all kinks are ironed out.


Chatbots aren’t just for big business, small to medium business are already embracing the technology through local tech companies quick to get on the chatbots bandwagon. The chatbots created can be used for a variety of tasks like a virtual assistant, improving the CRM, connect with clients, increasing sales and of course social media.


One risk I have noticed, if chatbots are used incorrectly, they can come across as spammy and could drive potential clients away. The technology is only as smart as the person who made the program, so if you are interested in purchasing chatbots for your business, do your research. This technology is created to assist your business, not take it over resident evil style.

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