The word on stickers

Wandering Warriors StickersYou would think there’s not much to the humble sticker right? Well these days there are so many options to choose from I thought I’d help you decide next time you need to order more. There are basically 2 x types. Indoor or outdoor.  The difference is, outdoor stickers are usually UV stable, meaning they will last longer outside on your car, signage etc. Indoor stickers are just meant for inside use, labels etc. Their life inside depends on stock but generally you may get a year or so out of them.



High quality UV stable stickers with a clear laminate are the most expensive because their outdoor life (depending on stock) can reach 7-10 years. There are lower quality versions of this on cheaper stock and unlamented that will get you 1-3 years. There is a significant price gap between the both because less handling and stock is involved. Quantity is the key too. If you can order more, your price will be more cost effective than if you only want a few.


The stickers can come in sheets or on a roll. If they aren’t laminated, which chances are they won’t be, their lifespan wouldn’t be great. They are meant for all types of temporary applications such as package labelling, return address stickers etc. Same as indoor, generally quantity is the key.



You can customise stickers in every way. So instead of getting the plain old rectangle, think outside the box. You can have them in all sorts of shapes, colours and finishes. Clear laminates come in gloss and matte. So if you want to add another element to your next order, go for a matte laminate. They are produced on wide format digital printers, screen printed or prepress with the exception of small run labels you can print at home or on a office printer. Your limitation is only your imagination.




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