Christmas Cards

I’ve been busy working on Chris2016-xmascardtmas Cards to send to all my friends and family. With our three children growing fast, theres no question that I use a photo of them for the cards.

This particular cards is full colour front and a black print inside which I can personalise with my own Christmas message.

I’ll design an electronic card to send to all my clients. I find this a more economical way to wish them all a happy and safe festive season as well as letting them know my operating hours over this period.

Most card printers are offering up to 50% off at this time of year, so get in and order yours now. If you want them customised, send me an email.




November News

What a month! The Wandering Warriors corporate luncheon was a huge success. I’ve worked for months creating all sorts of marketing material leading up to the event.

Words cannot even begin to describe the inspirational talk Ben Roberts-Smith VC, MG delivered. He held the attention of everyone in the room, even the venue staff seemed captivated as Ben described a hellish situation he was involved in as a Special Forces operator. As Ben described the event blow by blow he likened his actions, thoughts and feelings into the business world.

I was also very lucky to be seated next to my favourite artist Laura Douglass. Laura donated her painting ‘Warhorse’ to the Wandering Warriors for auctioning. Laura is such an inspiration and it was fantastic to be seated next to a fellow creative that inspires me.

Now I’m busy with end of year marketing and Christmas Cards as well as planning for 2017. Where did this year go?

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October News

Its been another busy month at mi graphics. Full of corporate designs, printing, signage and marketing plans. Due to the amount of work coming through I’ve had to rethink my business plan dramatically. 2017 will be a huge year for me and our little family as my business continues to grow.

I was invited to speak to the year 7’s at Calvary Christian College this month to give a talk on logo design and function. It was a wonderful morning with very insightful questions from the students.

I was lucky to have my personal assistant on board, Maximus. He did steal the show sometimes. If you want to read some of the feedback I received from the students click here. One of my favourite pieces of feedback was ‘I think having the guest speaker was interesting it was fun to learn about logos.’  It was good experience for me too. I don’t often get asked to address an audience and it has been a while. Glad to know I’ve still got it.

September News

This month has been purely dedicated to the Wandering Warriors. For those of you whom aren’t sure who they are, they are a charity run by ex SAS to raise funds for returned veterans and their families. A truely remarkable bunch of blokes that I’ve worked with since conception. I started with logo design and have pretty much designed everything and anything for them since.

Next month they are holding a corporate luncheon and I urge you to join us. They have single tickets or group tickets for tables of 8. The luncheon includes a two course meal along with drinks. Their guest speaker is Ben Roberts-Smith VC MGalong with the Wandering Warriors CEO Bob Brett MCMembers of the Wandering Warriors board and Mick Donaldson, founder of TAG International.

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