Buying Facebook likes = social suicide

facebookAs a social media manager, I often get asked how clients can build their fan base on Facebook business pages. For some reason a lot of clients believe more likes = more business but that’s not exactly true.
The right amount of fans for your page should reflect how established your business is and business size.
Eg. I’ve been a freelancer for over 2 years now and I work for people all over Australia. Most of my work is from word of mouth so I would expect my page likes to be where it is at now (140 likes woo hoo!). I expect my numbers to climb slowly as my business grows.
If my fan page numbers were over 1000 that may look good but who’s responding to my posts? 1 or 2 likes or none at all likes at all….hmmm dodgy. If you buy likes, thats all your buying. Your not buying engagement with your posts.
For a more in-depth read about how paid likes work, go to Hello Socials article Don’t Buy Facebook Likes by Max Doyle
Facebook pages help to give credibility to your business. It shows potential clients that your relevant, up to date and more importantly REAL. The same can be said for any social media you use… don’t do it, don’t buy likes.
Don’t cry if your fan base isn’t where you want it to be. Instead do something about it! It’s social media….as in you have to be social…as in you have to interact with other peoples business, posts, pages, products ect. That’s called an organic reach and thats something Facebook or any other company can’t buy…yet….
Social media might be free to set up but the work behind it isn’t. It takes dedication and planning to get your page sorted out. Not sure what your doing? Seek help. Professional help, not help from your friends, sisters 13 year old child.