Of course there needs to be more Design thinking in marketing

I subscribe to many different industry related magazines and websites. Marketing Magazine is up there with one of my favourites.  After reading a recent article titled Why we need design thinking by Marketing Magazine it got me thinking.

I come from a creative background prior to entering the world of marketing. Does this give me an edge? Or perhaps a better understanding on what’s need for a campaign or start up because of the amount of design needed. Perhaps both but more importantly the process taken in design, in my opinion, is the biggest factor.

Either way I agree with this statement from RMIT University’s Professor of Design, Gerda Gemser

“There are lots of interpretations, but to my mind it’s a set of practices that helps companies see problems from a new perspective and solve them in an atypical way.”

Personally I find I am able to offer many more solutions to my clients than just straight out design for a particular project. I feel as though it gives me a competitive edge over similar marketers that don’t have the design process of thinking and problem solving.

Take care all and have a lovely weekend.